from Super Sick to RAWmazing!

Hi my 'real' name is Veronica Key and I've been a successful Realtor in Toronto for over 3 decades.

Real Estate can be a very stressful career with its demanding and highly competitive nature.  And, because of the long hours, working on weekends and holidays, I often resorted to Caffeine and quick drive-thru Food, to keep my Energy up in order to be of service my many clients.

In my early years, I often suffered from ‘Burn-Out' along with, having many Health issues which often got in the way of performing my best.  I got repetitive Colds and Flues, I had chronic Asthma, I suffered from Allergies, Sinusitis, Joint and Back Pain and, I had many Skin issues.

It got to a point where I finally said, 'Enough is Enough' and . . . 


The SECRET that I found was

about 'Vegetarianism'.  I found out that eliminating Meat from my FoodStyle would help me get rid of my Aches, Pains and Joint issues naturally.  Being raised on a lot of meat (I'm Austrian), it was difficult to wrap my head around never eating Meat again until I found out about the Meat Industry and, the absolute Cruelty it inflicts upon Animals for our Pleasure. 

That did not sit well with me and it made my decision an easy one to make. As an Action-Taker and an Over-Achiever, I fully embraced being a Vegetarian, which meant eliminating all Meat out of my FoodStyle.   

Although my Aches and Pains went away, my other issues did not.  So I continued to look for answers with my Health issues in what was a very limited Vegetarian-information World (at that time).  I continued to study how Food and the Body worked together, affected eachother, how they relate to one another and, through my studies, and I was excited because . . .


The SECRET that I found was

that I could eliminate my Colds, Flues, Sinusitis for good, if I just eliminated Dairy out of my FoodStyle.  Oh my Goodness.  First Meat and now Dairy - how would I survive?  Again I'm Austrian and Cheese is BIG! (Emmentaler was my FAV)

By doing all of that, I would be entering into the World of 'Veganism'. I researched and learned more about the Dairy World and, what I learned, made me sick.  Along with my new found knowledge of Animal Cruelty in the World of Meat (when I reference Animal' I'm referring to, ALL Creatures on this Planet and 'Meat' refers to their Flesh), I discovered the same Cruelty in the Dairy World and, the By-Product World of Animals.  (By-Product means products that are produced by Animals such as their Eggs, their Babies, their Milk and, Honey made by Bees etc). 

At this point, I had no choice.  Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually and Physically, I could no longer in good conscious, contribute to the cycle of Animal abuse by consuming them and/or their By-Products and, immediately eliminated all forms of Animal and Animal By-Products from my FoodStyle.   I was officially a 'VEGAN'.  And when I eliminated consuming all forms of Animals and their By-Products from my Foodstyle, ALL of my Allergies and my Skin Issues went away along with, my Chronic Asthma.  I have never had a Cough, Cold or Flu since.  Gone! All of it!  However . . . I still was low on Energy and didn't really feel a Zest for Life.

I became Obsessed with my Health and Wellness even more, and continued studying everything I could find on the topic. I couldn't believe what I was learning and wanted to share my news with everyone I knew.  They, unfortunately didn't want to know anything about what I was saying and so, I started posting what I knew on different Social Media Platforms.  I felt in my Heart and in the pit of my Stomach, people needed to know what I knew and was discovering.  My following grew, and before long, I became ‘The Foodie Food Girl’.

After continuous research I, The Foodie Food Girl, noticed a direct connection between Illnesses, Diseases, Sickness, being UnWell and, all forms of COOKED FOOD!  What?  I was raised on Cooked Food.  I cooked all the time.

The more I thought about it, it all started to make sense to me why so many People are Sick and have Illnesses and Diseases. 
I realized that No Animal in Nature Cooks their Food, they eat everything in a RAW state and they do not get Sick or have any Diseases (unless of course there is Human intervention with Cooked Food). 

I researched quite a bit on this topic as I had a puppy at that time, and wanted to figure out the best FoodStyle for her. I learned just how much Our Human Bodies are different from Carnivore Animals and yet, so similar to Plant Based Animals. 
It was through this discovery, that . . .


The Fountain of Youth
& Vitality!

The ULTIMATE SECRET that I found was

a RAW Plant Based FoodStyle.  Learning that RAW keeps all Nutrients in tact (they are destroyed when Heat is applied).  I learned that RAW Plant Based Foods became FUEL for the Body.  This New and relatively unknown FUELstyle, was hard to grasp as there was little information about the RAW Plant Based World (at that time).  Switching to this New FUELstyle was not easy. 

I found one person that was RAW Plant Based and learned as much from him as I could.  I bought his books, watched his Videos and became Friends with him and his Girlfriend.  I then found a RAW Chef and through her School, I got Certified as a RAW Plant Based Chef.  

I now knew what I was doing and loved creating the most RAWlicious Dishes!  I drank GREEN Drinks Daily (and still do), and let me tell you, Every Illness, Sickness, Disease, Ache, Pain, Cough, Cold, Headache, Skin Issues - Rashes and Random Cuts (I could watch these cuts happen in front of my eyes), ALL disappeared for good!   My Energy levels went up and every day since, I have High Energy from Morning until Bedtime.  My Zest for Life came back and I'm enjoying a Life full of Zest, Energy and Vitality - in my 60's!  To this day, I FEEL RAWmazing!

And now more than ever, I knew that I had to get the word out!  People need to know that YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF through a RAW Plant Based FUELstyle because you are FUELing your Body with High-Octane Nutrients that it needs to THRIVE!   

And so, I  hired a Digital Queen who created and coined 'VeRAWonica' and that's how that name was born. We created my first Website (this is my second one). 

I became a LIFE Coach.  I realized that without SHIFTing your MINDset, embracing a RAW Plant Based FUELstyle could be a challenge. 
I now specialize as a MINDset Shifter and RAW Plant Based FUELstyle Queen.  I create Digital Products, Content, eBooks, Courses, Webinars, PODcasts and Blogs for people who want to UPLevel their Health and Wellness Holistically.  I also do Private and Group Coaching, and Consulting.

My Journey to here, spans over 30 years. My Mission is to condense what I've learned and experienced so people like you, can easily understand how to SHIFT your MINDset and transition into a Healthier, more Nutrient-Dense FUELstyle for Ultimate Health, Wellness, Anti-Aging, Weight Loss, Healing, Energy, Confidence and Success in all areas of your Life.

VeRAWonica is . . .

VeRAWonica is a Trail Blazer! 
She started Drinking GREEN Drinks before they were a thing. 

She Rebelled against the Meat, Dairy and GMO Industry before that was on the radar. 

She has Stuck to her Values, determined to bring Awareness to Unhealthy Food and what it is doing to our Health. 

She has Stayed her Course towards busting open that RAW Plant Based FUEL Heals. She never wavered, not for a minute.

VeRAWonica embraced Holistic and Alternative forms of Healing and Anti-Aging while others were doing Fillers and running to their Doctors for quick-fix Meds. 

Laughed at for getting her RAW Chef Certification, she is now regarded as a RAW Plant Based Expert. She creates RAWcipes for herself, friends and for fun, and often shares them with her 10K+ Followers on her Social Media Platforms and YouTube Channel.

She is a Health Nut!  She has an Obsessed Passion for Holistic Living and Health.  Fascination and Study of how MINDset and RAW Plant Based FUEL have a direct connection to Beauty, Aging, Health, Healing, Happiness, Wellness, Energy, Longevity, Vitality, Self-Love, Confidence and Success, is ongoing.

Spiritual, Grounded and Down-to-Earth, VeRAWonica is Unique.  She is truly a 5-Star Hippy who loves All Creatures and everything Mother Nature. Photography is a Hobby and Stays Physically Fit with Weight Training, Walking and Hiking. 

She is a GAME CHANGER!  She Specializes in Helping People Change their Game in every aspect of their Lives, to be the BEST Version of themselves. 

VeRAWonica is the Real Deal.  A Walking Advertisement of What's Possible at any Age! 

As a Life Coach, MINDset Shifter and FUELstyle Queen, VeRAWonica Inspires, Motivates and Empowers people so they can transform themselves through Positive, Powerful and, Spiritual MINDset Shifting, and by Switching to a High Nutrient mostly RAW Plant Based FUELstyle to obtain Optimal Wellness.

Happy Clients:

Client Results:

  • RELEASED their Emotional & Physical WEIGHT
  • ​SHIFTED their MINDSet & are HAPPIER
  • BOOSTED their Overall PERFORMANCE Levels

Their lives have ENHANCED EXPONENTIALLY by Embracing
a SHIFT in MINDset and FUELStyle.

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Have a RAWmazing Day!

Sending you Healing Vibes!

Your Health is Your Wealth!




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